Ragnhild Furebotten is one of the most innovative and renowned violinists of the Norwegian folk scene of today – and has been for years. She has contributed and released 16 albums through just as many years. Half of them has been nominated to the Norwegian Grammy, and the album “Majorstuen” (2003) and her latest solo album «Never on a Sunday» (2011) won the prize. Her elegant tone, lightness of touch and palpable pleasure in performing has won her appreciative audiences and a number of awards.


She is the founder and member of the famous folk-band “Hekla Stålstrenga”. Every Norwegian knows several of the band´s most famous songs, and they are at the top of the Norwegian music industry. Ragnhild could easily just do this one band in her music career, but she needs and loves the variation. She loves the traditional folk music and her roots comes from the north of Norway. Ragnhild is well known for her strong signature in her playing. She writes contemporary folk music and at the same time being a strong carrier of her tradition.


Her third and latest solo album was released in September 2019 together with the great Norwegian accordion player Frode Haltli and the Swedish nyckelharpa virtuous Emilia Amper. Ragnhild has written all of the music and the trio will during 2020 tour the Scandinavian folk scene together with this album called “Klopper”.